Dragon Mart

Dragon Mart, the world’s largest Chinese mall and trading hub for Chinese products outside Mainland China, opened in December 2007, playing a pivotal role in establishing strong bilateral trade and cultural ties between UAE and China. The complex brings the largest B2B and B2C wholesale marketplace as a one-stop destination for all supplies, 30 percent of which originate from local SME’s.
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The 1.2-kilometre long dragon-shaped structure is spread over 150,000 square metres with the dragon-head measuring 220 metres in length and 210 metres in width and 18 metres in height.


The body of the dragon is 980 metres long, 110 metres wide and 6.4 metres high. It is a two-storey structure with the exterior made up of aluminium plates resembling scales of a dragon.


Dragon Mart currently consists of more than 6,000 shops and kiosks, dining and entertainment, leisure attractions, and 8,200 parking spaces, welcoming more than 40 million customers a year.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed on all types of subfloors and has become especially popular due to its inherent structural stability.
As part of this exercise, the company has updated its logo, the corporate communications, website and is implementing new marketing initiatives.
The only dedicated Adhesives, Sealants & Bonding Expo for MEA region.