All our products are tested in accordance with BS specifications and ASTM standards.

We work closely with reputed laboratories including; Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. (USA), Exova (UK) and Eurofins (Denmark).

Our endeavour for high standards in customer services, worker health and safety and environmental care, lead to our accreditation of ISO 9001:2015, EMS 14015:2004, OHSAS 45001:2018.


DCL is the recognized provider of Product Conformity Certification services. The Conformity Mark for products governed by mandatory conditions proves their compliance with the specified requirements. The DCL Conformity Mark is a conclusive indicator for shoppers and consumers that the product meets the performance requirements approved by local, national and international standard specifications.

TUV Rheinland Certificates certify the safety standard compliance and qualifications of products, management systems, manufacturing processes, and personnel.  TUV Rheinland is the largest of the three major TUVs in Germany and the most globally recognized. TUV Rheinland Certificates are applied to a variety of safety-relevant areas, including individual products, management systems, IT processes, functional safety systems, personnel qualifications, and complete companies. Their accreditation for product testing includes a wide variety of products, such as office machines, IT applications, interior lighting, construction equipment, and individual components such as capacitors.

UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a third-party certification company that’s been around for over a century. UL was founded in 1894 in Chicago. They certify products with the aim to make the world a safer place for both workers and consumers. Besides testing, they set industry standards to follow when innovating new products. UL testing makes sure that wire sizes are correct, or devices can handle the amount of current they claim to be able to. They also ensure that products are constructed correctly for the highest safety.