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Industrial Solutions

NAPCO’s products and solutions are used in several manufacturing industries to enhance the effectiveness and durability of the end-product.

NAPCO’s industrial solutions are formulated to meet a diverse set of requirements in the industrial manufacturing sector.

Our innovative industrial adhesive, coatings and sealants increase productivity and save money across industries and are the result of consultations with industry experts and analysis of real-world production environments.  They are used to help our industrial customers build quality products and are used for restoration and rebuilding applications in various industries.


As a leading industrial adhesive, coatings and sealant manufacturer in the region, NAPCO continues to develop a variety of industrial solutions for a diverse range of uses. From transport to medical, electronics to food, furniture to fashion accessories, labeling and packaging, we partner with industrial manufacturing customers to remain innovative.  Our expertise goes beyond developing high-performing, multi-purpose adhesive, coatings and sealant. We help our customers improve their production processes with time and cost-saving solutions, making their operations more efficient, competitive and sustainable.