Constantly Innovating


NAPCO manufactures a variety of adhesives and sealants for the automotive and transports industry.

We work in partnership with leading manufacturers in the automotive and other transport industry and develop effective, high-quality, durable, flexible, efficient and environment friendly solutions for the needs of the quickly changing demands in mobility.

The automotive and transport manufacturing and assembly challenges are increasing speedily as the industry’s needs for greater comfort, connectivity, safety, efficiency & sustainability increases and so is NAPCO’s continual innovation for solutions that service these needs. As the market leader in the region for manufacturing adhesives, sealants, and coatings for the automotive industry, NAPCO’s team of experts along with our client’s expert teams has meticulously formulated and produced products that meet and exceed industry specifications.   From the high-performance automobile to mass transit transportation, our products for the automotive industry are safe and easy to use, with good aesthetics and reduced environmental impact.


Our products ensure the design compliments and enhances the performance when applied. Our product range includes epoxies for composites, polyurethane and specialty foams, thermoplastic polyurethanes, textile color solutions and effects, adhesives, coatings, catalysts, lubricants and fuel additives.


NAPCO’s products are applied across the full automotive value chain:  Metalworking fluids in the press shop, Adhesives, sealants, and metal coatings for internal combustion engine, electronics, interiors, and exteriors; Structural & sealant solutions for vehicle body assembly; Metal pre-treatment and sealants for the paint division; Assembly solutions for the trim division; Repair solutions for the aftersales