Trusted by Industrial Manufacturers


Our products enhance the effectiveness of the end-product, providing the end user with a durable manufactured goods.

From adhesives that reduce sound and vibration in equipment and appliances, to thread-lockers, sealants and coatings that prevent costly fluid leaks and corrosion, NAPCO’s solutions that streamline manufacturing production lines are always reliable.

With NAPCO’s most sophisticated levels of research and development to bring about innovation to our products, we produce a wide range of sealants and adhesives for industrial manufacturing, including the toughest structural bonding for metal and composite structural parts, flexible bonding of plastic and metal components and high performing instant adhesives.


NAPCO’s products are used in metalworking for corrosion control, defoaming, emulsifying and control & buffering; Gasketing sealant solutions to ensure intact and leak-free seals and resistance to high temperatures, pressure, and vibration; Metallic Data Cables to eliminate penetration of moisture and contaminants for a higher reliability and durability; Power Cables to bond the most difficult substrates, and protect power cables whether underground or underwater.