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Discover our brands in bonding, sealing, reinforcing, and protecting.

NAPCO boasts a diverse portfolio of brands in adhesive, coatings and sealants, many of which hold the leadership position for market share and sales in the markets we serve.

From infrastructure and iconic landmarks in the Middle East to homes and workplaces, industrial facilities these brands have been trusted for over three decades by professionals and consumers to build, protect, finish and restore properties.


NAPCO’s success has been driven largely by the trust of their customers.  For more than three decades, we have focused on the quality of brands and technologies we use while inspiring the industry with its innovations. We remain committed to delivering reliable, innovative and durable adhesive, coatings and sealant solutions for our customers in various industries.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed on all types of subfloors and has become especially popular due to its inherent structural stability.
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